“ems connection detected” after BESR restore

08 Oct

There are two approaches that has seem to have worked with our customers having this Emergency Management Services (EMS) issue after a retargeting restore.

First, prior to the restore attempt, check – and then if able to – disable EMS from within the BIOS on the target system (the system you are restoring to), boot back into the recovery environment, wipe the drives, and perform the Restore Anyware retargeting restore.

Second approach is to re-perform the restore choosing not to reboot afterwards. In the Symantec Recovery Environment main page, move your cursor to the upper left corner of the screen near the letter S in Symantec When the arrow icon changes to a hand icon, left-click to open a command prompt. In the command window, type Notepad.exe and press enter. From its FILE menu choose open and navigate to the sysprep sub-folder on the system drive that has just been restored. In the Unattended section of your sysprep.inf add as an additional line: EMSSkipUnattendProcessing=1

Save your changes and allow the system to reboot to finish the PnP and mini-setup wizard process.

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