Adding local ILO accounts to all blades using HPONCFG

06 Nov

here’s how I added the mcis account to all ILOs:

1) telnet to the OA

2) type this: hponcfg all << <*>
3) then you copy and paste the following:

————-Start copy here ———————–>

<LOGIN USER_LOGIN="Administrator" PASSWORD="">
<USER_INFO MODE="write">
<ADD_USER USER_NAME="mcis" USER_LOGIN="mcis" PASSWORD="yourpassword">
<ADMIN_PRIV value = "Yes" />
<REMOTE_CONS_PRIV value = "Yes" />
<RESET_SERVER_PRIV value = "Yes" />
<VIRTUAL_MEDIA_PRIV value = "Yes" />
<CONFIG_ILO_PRIV value = "Yes" />

<– ——————————-end copy there—————————–
4) type this and press enter: <*>

1) this link contains more info about the HPONCFG utility:
2) note that you don’t actually need to enter the Administrator password above

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