Using VMware Converter to shrink or extend a disk

30 Jul

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Method 2 – Using VMware Converter to shrink or extend a disk

When you use Converter to copy a VM it will transfer the data to the destination server by one of two ways. If you do not change the disk size or increase the size of your original disks then it does a block level clone of the drive. If you reduce the size of your original disks it instead does a file level clone of the drive.

  1. Download Converter and install it on the VM that you want to resize the drives, reboot after the install completes
  2. Start Converter application, click the Import Machine button
  3. Click Next at the Welcome screen and then Next again at the Source screen
  4. Select ‘Physical Computer’ and click Next o Select “This Local Machine” and click Next
  5. At the Source Data screen select your volumes and change “Maintain Size” to “Type Size in GB” and enter your new disk size and click Next
  6. At the Destination screen click Next
  7. Select “Import this machine to a Vmware ESX Server or VirtualCenter virtual machine” and click Next
  8. At the Destination login screen, select your ESX/VC server and enter the login information and click Next
  9. At the Virtual Machine Name and Folder screen enter a new name for your VM and select a folder and click Next
  10. At the Host or Cluster screen select a host for your destination and click Next
  11. At the Datastore screen, select a datastore and click Next
  12. At the Networks screen, configure your NICs and click Next
  13. At the Customization screen, click Next
  14. Click Finish and the conversion will begin
  15. Once the Conversion is complete, edit the new VM settings and remove any extra hardware that Converter adds (USB/serial/parallel ports, etc.)
  16. Shutdown your original source VM and power on your new destination VM
  17. Make sure everything is functioning properly on the new VM and you can delete the original VM
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