Results of my employee review

03 Oct

Funny. I always go into these meetings with hope that my boss will offer some constructive criticism.
Maybe I look too fragile…or angry.
Either way, he’s too timid in dishing it out. I just need to let him know it’s ok.

One take away from the meeting is that I feel like the one doing the evaluating.
True, I’m extra sensitive about how my boss behaves toward me since I am not content in my current position. What is my assessment of him? He does what he can in his place of power but he’s not stupid. He knows he has no authority beyond his position. He feels he has to keep in step.

Today was a good reminder for me about communication and leadership; two critiques he did give me.

I can keep everyone up to date about why I’m working on and what my priorities are. This can be communicated via good old talking, a kanban board, meetings, emails.

Leadership. Think: airplane oxygen masks. I must be able to lead myself before I lead others. One form of this is goal setting.
I will keep lists of goals by day, week, month, quarter, year, 5 years, 20 years.

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