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Ending the Wait

Speaking of waiting, why does it seem like the rest of our technology is not quite keeping pace with the explosive evolution of phones and computers? This whole growth has been powered by the incredible, shrinking, cheap transistor; such a small thing, such a small lego piece, providing the platform for growth. Who knew that our current societal revolutions would be driven by birth control and transistors? Small things that allow flexibility. What is the next big revolution? How can we know it when we see it? What is the building block of revolution? Necessity? 

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How can I serve you better?

This is a question you could ask your direct customers, teammates, boss, or even your spouse.
So can I serve better?
It’s ironic that this is all ultimately aimed to serve me. If I’m not doing my job as best as I can, I’m not providing the best value.

State your plan.
Every week:
1) Report status and impasses to your boss
2) Ask for help if you need it
3) do a reality check on your progress

All active projects should be prominently displayed on a board (kanban–physical or electronic) so that everybody can:
1) see what is being worked on
2) see who needs help and
3) see what needs help

People like Scott want to help and can be of tremendous value. They just need to be pointed in the right direction.

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Possible New Path

Given the industry trend toward commoditization of servers, skill in server administration will become less needed.

Everything is a service these days, including servers.

So, what is a sysadmin to do?

Look for other areas of interest. For me, that means that I can count on cheap and ubiquitous servers. So, I can focus more on the development side, to produce applications.

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Results of my employee review

Funny. I always go into these meetings with hope that my boss will offer some constructive criticism.
Maybe I look too fragile…or angry.
Either way, he’s too timid in dishing it out. I just need to let him know it’s ok.

One take away from the meeting is that I feel like the one doing the evaluating.
True, I’m extra sensitive about how my boss behaves toward me since I am not content in my current position. What is my assessment of him? He does what he can in his place of power but he’s not stupid. He knows he has no authority beyond his position. He feels he has to keep in step.

Today was a good reminder for me about communication and leadership; two critiques he did give me.

I can keep everyone up to date about why I’m working on and what my priorities are. This can be communicated via good old talking, a kanban board, meetings, emails.

Leadership. Think: airplane oxygen masks. I must be able to lead myself before I lead others. One form of this is goal setting.
I will keep lists of goals by day, week, month, quarter, year, 5 years, 20 years.

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What kind of manager do you have?

Mine gets things done.
If you don’t do your part, he’ll go around you. End of story.
He won’t give much unsolicited feedback unless you are doing very badly.
Is he a good mentor?
In many ways, yes. But he fails in the hard part of criticism.
I think a good mentor gives you feedback, good or bad.

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Eyes on the prize

What is my prize?
Where is my heart?
Where is my head?
I feel scatter brained lately.
I’m busy and working hard but I can’t see where I’m going and that is frustrating.
What is my journey?
I know not to focus only on the end goal only.
Today counts just as much.

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Accomplishments this week

I’m not diminishing what I’ve achieved this week. But I am being honest with myself about what it is exactly that I achieved.
So what were my achievements?
• I improved our interview process with the thought that went into our requirements and the resulting questions.
• I figured out why I couldn’t connect to my new test xenapp farm. I’m proud because the errors and logs were of little use. Sheepishly, I admit I caused my own problem. But this was also a wakeup call to me to be methodical about my changes. It’s easy to make changes but not so easy to keep track of them when things go sideways
• I got my sccm task sequence to build an almost complete xenapp server. This was more just about persistence, trying things, and seeking help from subject experts.

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