What do you need to ensure your service is always available?

Do not rely on DNS

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Hiring an experienced newbie

So, it’s been incredibly difficult to find a qualified applicant for our new sysadmin position. At minimum, I’m looking for someone that knows how to manage windows server on vmware. This person will be required to follow processes for change management, disaster recovery planning, testing, etc. This person’s duties will quickly grow to managing the vmware infrastructure as well as critical windows services.

I’m currently reviewing an applicant who has, as far as I’m concerned, been working the same job for the past 21 years. The only reason he’s looking for work is his job is being eliminated. But, to cut him some slack, I must say that he sounds no less sharp than any of us tools in this here shed. In the end, we all rely on google-fu to save our bacon. I need to be careful not to be a hypocrite there. Plus, talking to him, one hears a clear appreciation or respect for what goes on in big scale.

But, I can’t stop thinking: we’re dealing with a guy who has been comfortable and is being shocked into action; else become extinct.

I want to say to him: you’ve been at the same job for over 20 years and all you have to say for yourself is what is on your resume. Why should I hire you? Make a compelling case. and don’t tell me that you are passionate and a quick learner; it takes more than that.

In the end, I say who gets hired. So, why should I even waste my time agonizing over this applicant? Because we’ve all been there. We all hope someone gives a break, taking into account that we have the potential to be successful.

Should I give this person a break?


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more goldenness: Powershell + forms + treeview controls

PowerShell help browser using Windows Forms and TreeView Control

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powershell, running a ps1 file

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creating remote schedtasks

Use the following as a template to run any silent executable on a remote pc


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time variables in a dos batch file

set timenow=%time:~0,2%:%time:~3,2%

%timenow% returns the current time

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Getting around the Windows Rearm Limit with Sysprep and Altiris

Getting around the Windows 2008 Rearm Limit with Sysprep

set the following key to a value of "1":
HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurentVersion\SL\SkipRearm

see this post for more details:

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